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Medical Edge Australia

Medical Edge Australia was founded in 2008 as clients started demanding high quality first aid and medical services in the event and industrial environments. Starting in Tasmania and since growing around Australia, Medical Edge has a proven record ensuring the needs of both the client and patient are met.

This has since extended into a range of operational divisions, including Non-Emergency Patient Transport, First Aid Training, Sales and Fire Services. Medical Edge provides 24 hour services to suit all client requirements and budgets.


Event First Aid & Medical Services

Medical Edge Australia offers event organisers with an alternative to traditional volunteer first aid services. By providing qualified first aid and medical staff to the event environment, Medical Edge sets a new standard of high quality care to your patrons. Your passionate client manager will ensure you meet your duty of care and planning while working within your budget.

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Industrial Medical Services

Medical Edge Australia currently provide qualified healthcare professionals, such as Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and Industrial Medics to a wide variety of industrial workplaces, inland and offshore. Medical Edge understand the need for reliable and qualified medical professionals that can management any emergency situations. Your Healthcare Professional will be supported by the most innovative methods of patient care and high quality medical equipment.

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Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Our unique Non-Emergency Patient Transport model places a higher emphasis on the needs of the client and patient. This allows for a significant reduction in waiting time and a higher standard of care to the patient. Our staff are passionate and understanding medical personnel that transport patients in the quickest and safest means possible.


Covert Medical Services

Medical Edge Australia can tailor to a wide range of clientele, including corporate or high profile events. We understand that not every client wants high visible first aid and medical staff. To address this need, Medical Edge can provide covert first aid and medical staff to any corporate or high profile event. Our staff are equipped with different uniform and equipment to ensure they move and operate in a discreet manner.

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Fire & Incident Response

Medical Edge provides event organisers and industrial clients with an alternative to the traditional with one customer focused organisation being responsible for both medical and fire services on site. Our team has years of experience in fire services around the country and hold national standard qualifications. Medical Edge has a number of Slip on fire fighting units and other vehicles ready for deployment at short notice. Medical Edge will assess the level of risk at your site and tailor a solution to ensuring your obligations are met at all times.


First Aid & Medical Training

Discover a new level of education with experienced clinicians delivering nationally recognised first aid and industrial paramedic qualifications backed with industry experience. Medical Edge offers training delivered in partnership with and under the auspices of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909. Medical Edge delivers training to corporate and commercial clients as well as the general public. Contact us for upcoming courses in your local area. Our assessors are experienced healthcare professionals that ensure no question is unanswered.


First Aid & Paramedic Equipment

Does your organisation need specialist equipment for the workplace or industrial medic? Medical Edge stocks oxygen therapy, resuscitation and large medical kits ensuring workplaces are prepared for any potential incidents. All high risk workplaces should consider investing in industry standard, pre-hospital medical equipment. Medical Edge has backboards, scoop stretchers, wheelchairs, stair chairs and everything else you could require!

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