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With the support of the country’s most experienced Healthcare Professionals, Medical Edge has structured its Non-Emergency Patient Transport service with greater emphasis on the clients and patients experience. Every employee of Medical Edge is passionate in ensuring a world class service for all people involved in even the simplest of transfers. As a result, the patient receives the time and patience they deserve and the client receives the efficiency and co-operation to ensure appointments and benchmarks are not only met, but exceeded. Medical Edge has tested its unique NEPT Service with astonishing results that benefit not only the hospitals, and also the community.

  • Qualified and Experienced Staff

  • Greater focus on a timely service

  • Custom made online transfer management system

  • Tailored service to meet your needs

  • Extensive fleet of varying capability to meet all patient needs

Medical Edge Australia - Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Medical Edge is licensed to provide low, medium, high acuity and event standby patient transport services.

Low Acuity

Medium Acuity

High Acuity

Event Standby

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